Digital communication for

real estate agencies and architects in Switzerland

The world of 3D allows you to explore new opportunities that help you deliver a better service to your clients and win new ones. Discover our services for real estate professionals in Switzerland.



As its name suggests, 3D modeling allows you to model an object and give it a 3D shape. Whether it’s a product or even an entire building, 3D technology allows us to obtain a 3D copy. A 3D rendering is extremely useful in promoting real estate projects, because it allows an optimal visualization of the project from all angles by providing images and scenes at 360 degrees. Concerned with every detail, our studio is able to provide you with high quality 3D rendering that touches all the details and materials in the illustration; lighting, texturing and the natural aspect of the project.


Created from a 2D plan, the 3D floor plan allows you to have an overview of a property in 3D images highlighting its details such as access points, perimeter, surface etc. For real estate developers, the 3d plan of a real estate project complements the communication and promotion of the project. Whether it is a new apartment, a reconstruction, a new restaurant, the 3D floor plan gives a clear and global idea of your project to your clients and your employees.




Used in real estate promotion in Switzerland and around the world, the 3D exterior perspective gives your potential clients an idea of the exterior architecture and the environment of your real estate project. As for the 3D interior perspective, it allows a detailed visualization of the interior architecture of a property. This 3D visualization also allows you to explore the different possibilities of interior design of any space. The results in 3D rendering of a real estate project greatly influence the decision of your clients, because it allows to visualize a property and to explore the possibilities that are offered to your clients.



The 3D Matterport virtual tour is an innovative 3D solution that changes the presentation and promotion of any real estate project in Switzerland. Once we scan a property using Matterport technology, the rendering will allow instant and immersive viewing of a real estate property from a computer or mobile device, such as a tablet or a smartphone. As a real estate agent, this virtual projection not only saves you time and money by avoiding unsuccessful visits, but this will also be your marketing tool that will boost your real estate listings in Switzerland. This 360 ° virtual tour, also allows a significant reduction of tasks for an architect, where he won’t need to check the real estate project several times to get more details. This allows faster project progress for the architect as well as for the client.