Today, digitalisation is a key issue for all businesses; large, small or medium. Being on the web and attracting your target audience to your website makes all the difference to a business that does not have online presence. At Swiss Progress we support you in selecting and designing the best web solutions for your digital projects and your final objectives. We help you develop your digital strategy, implement the digital marketing tools that are most suitable for you, and create your brand’s communication tools, which will help you make your business succeed in the short and the long term.



The number of internet users who search online to buy a product or a service is gradually increasing every year. Thus, having a website highlighting your products or services is essential today for your business and its online visibility. That means if you are not already on the web, no one will know you exist. Your digital strategy should also take into account the constant changing behavior of the consumer. That’s why in our agency we direct our customers towards the creation of a responsive website and that’s for several reasons. A responsive website is a website designed to offer a comfortable consultation on devices of different sizes: desktop, pc, tablet and mobile. A responsive website is also optimized for SEO because it is ergonomic in its use and designed for search engines. Our agency intervenes in the creation or redesign of your website through an expertise supported by comprehensive CMS tools such as Prestashop and WordPress. Thus, we develop custom-made websites for any type and size of project.



Search engine optimization (SEO) is today considered as one of the most effective and profitable Internet marketing techniques for any activity. Thus, as an SME, your business requires an organic positioning allowing your target customers to easily find you on the Internet among your competitors. Natural referencing (SEO) and paid ads (SEA) are very effective when well applied to your digital strategy. Good SEO is now an essential element not only to improve the positioning and online visibility of your website, but also to convert more leads. In our agency, we’re always on the lookout for changes and updates of the Google algorithm, so we can implement the best SEO techniques to optimize our customers’ websites and help them position themselves at the top of Google search results. If you already have a website but it is not well referenced on the internet, we offer you an indepth analysis of your site and, depending on the results we obtain, we will implement an optimization strategy by taking care of the most important technical parameters of your website. We also perform SEO optimization of your title tags and meta descriptions using the right keywords in the right places.


In order to get the most out of graphic design and its benefits for digital or print communication, the design of your communication media should simply reflect the identity of your business while giving it a touch of modernity. And because choosing requires experience, we help you choose any kind of graphic elements needed to set up your visual communication. These can be colors, shapes, typos, images, design concepts and web design. Our design approach is to provide you with a custom-made design that matches your identity and the message you want to convey. We also help you give a distinguished identity to your project because in a saturated digital world, it is essential to stand out.





If you are a company, corporate design is the DNA of your brand. Corporate design is also your brand image and your visual identity that represents who you are. Like Branding, corporate design is the design or concept you have chosen to achieve the graphic charter of your company. This is the design with which you will approach your customers, your employees and your target clients. At Swiss Progress we understand this identity, we capture it and we translate it into form and visual content. Through the corporate design we communicate your objectives in an understandable, sober and modern way. We reinforce your brand identity by focusing on what your business represents, as well as the values and ambitions you want to communicate to your target audience.



Social media marketing, what is it for? Social networks are among the most used marketing tools in a digital strategy. Because, these platforms allow a fast and effective interaction with an audience or target clientele. They also make it possible to obtain immediate results that are superior to the traditional marketing techniques of advertising. Thus, for SMEs, digital communication is the most powerful and most relevant growth vector. To help you set up your social media marketing, we understand your target audience and use the right techniques to spark their interest and inspire them to take action.